7 Things I Wish I didn’t Hear during Pregnancy

During my pregnancy I was very happy and excited to go through that journey, but it seemed that not everybody around me was excited as I was or more like didn’t lift me up during this phase. Here are some of the worst things I heard:
  1. Oh! You are pregnant! 7ada bi jib el hamm la 7alo bi hek awda3? Leh ya habibe? Mni7 ma ahlak jebouk bel 7areb l ahliyye!
  2. Chuuuuuu ya za3ra? You got pregnant during lockdown? Let’s do the math honey! I’m in my 4th month so that means I got pregnant in February!
  3. It’s better to have a boy first ta ma ta3emle stress 3a tene walad yeje sabe! Now seriously do I really need to discuss gender equality with you people?
  4. 3am bet oule te3bene? Ntore ba3ed ma tkhalfe w choufe! I know it will be tiring as hell, that doesn’t mean I am not getting nauseous and have back pain now!
  5. Woah you are pregnant? Ye3ne ento hek badkon? La walla, tjawwazna la2anno ahle ma keno ykhalloune odhar men l beit!
  6. Chefte eltellik ra7 tel3a nafsik! Chefte eltellik ra7 tsire tneme aktar! Chefte eltellik ra7 tsire a7san bi your 2nd trimester! … eh w Google, wel ketoub, wel 7akim aloule ktir echya aktar ya faltet 3asrak!
  7. You’ll never have time for yourself once the baby arrives… WRONG! A million times. Sure there will be compromises, but there will be time management as well!
So yeah… just don’t listen to people!

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