My relationship with my baby bump

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While my bump was growing rounder, wider and weirder I was really treasuring the process as of course, my baby is inside!

From the first day I knew I was pregnant, I was really aware that I had a human being inside of me. I made my research to pick a baby names as soon as I knew the gender, for me to start calling her by hers.

I really felt me bonding to Ayla when I used to talk to her in the morning in bed, as well as in the night at bedtime. When playing music I made sure to play all the music style to her, from classical music to rap! Yea rap hehehe!

I would also sometimes sit for hours, gently massaging my bump and feeling the baby move. And when the kicking started I used to play with Ayla, like tickling her little feet that was pushing out.

Not only had I bonded with Ayla while in the womb! My husband used to take his guitar and play some tunes to her while we watched her respond by kicking and moving! Also after work he used to caress her and talk to her the sweetest things ever!

Now even though the time was really hard, we were in the start of the pandemic, as well as the very sad happening from the “thawra” to the Beirut blast, I always managed to not read the news and try to live in my own happy bubble to create this relaxed and happy environment for Ayla.

I miss my huge bump sometimes yet I just can’t wait to get back to my original weight at the same time! But pregnancy was really something special and I wish every mom had the chance to experience it the way I did.

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