Must Haves during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard for the body and the mind and we really need to take care of ourselves when pregnant to prevent permanent damage to our body. These are the products I used and found super useful and essential:

Face-Cleaning Products

Giving yourself a facial massage, a mask while keeping your face clean and hydrated is very important for your wellbeing. I used the Foreo Luna Mini 2 as for the facial products they were mostly from SohatiCare.

Stretch Marks Creams

I actually used many brands of oils and creams and I ended up with no stretch marks at all! It may be genetics but still I had to do what should be done to prevent it.
I used the Collistar Stretch Marks Cream from Cosmaline, I also used the Bio Oil and the Palmer’s Tummy Butter and Nursing Butter both from SohatiCare.

Facial Sunscreen

I made a mistake and skipped facial protection cream at first so I ended up having that brown patch on my cheek. After that incident I took a lot of care and didn’t go out of the house without high SPF protection for my face.

My favorite two brands are Avène and Beesline. Avène have a nice tinted sunscreen that can replace using a foundation.

Also, Beesline -a Lebanese top-notch brand- has great products and one of which is the sunscreen.

Ammonia-Free Hair Dye

First I was going all-natural with that no-dye trend. But then I felt that I really needed a fresh look to boost my mood, so I made sure to get ammonia-free hair dye to get the work done.

Alcohol-Free Deodorant

Not only alcohol-free deodorant, as I made sure to use all-natural creams and products on my skin especially on my belly and breasts. If you have any skin condition, do ask your doctor about the cream you are using as I stopped using my psoriasis treatment during my pregnancy.

Maternity Pillow

I’m sure you won’t be hugging your partner all night, so the pregnancy pillow is a great alternative. First of all it helps you elevate your leg so that you keep a correct posture while sleeping, and it is very useful for women that usually sleep flat on their belly as it helps get into this shape during the first two trimesters.

I got mine from Pink n Blue.

Fitness Ball

It is the best seat if you have long hours of sitting and is also a great tool for pregnancy workouts. You can check this link for exercises with the ball.
I already had a fitness ball, but you can get it from any sports store.

Maternity Pants

If your third trimester is during Summer you won’t need more than 1 pair of maternity pants as the dresses will be a great alternative, more stylish and way more comfortable. But if you will deliver in Winter well you will need at least four pairs so that you mix and match them with your tops. I got my maternity pants from Salma Maternity, a Lebanese fashion house for pregnant women & my jeans from LC Waikiki.

I hope this was helpful! You can also check this on my IGTV video below and make sure you share it, like it or drop off a small comment.

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