Postpartum Superstitions

postpartum superstition fortune teller

I heard a lot of stuff after I got pregnant! I don’t believe any of those superstitions; still I enjoyed them a bit. So here are a few, let me know what you think is real & do you believe in any others?!

3a rasa sabe!
It seems that if the hair goes in a circle on the back of the baby’s head, the next baby will be a boy, and if it is in a line then it will be a girl.

Karime, ida maftou7a!
Ayla always has her palms open wide and everyone keeps telling me that she will be generous! Sit ghena wala sit fe2er!

7otte dafira bi jaybet khala ta totla3 karime!
Now this is disgusting people… Thank God “ida maftou7a” so I can skip this!

Ou3a tefta7e l hadeya abel ma tekhla2!
They say it is bad luck, well as you can see I did lots of unboxing before giving birth…

3am ted7ak lal maleyke!
If the baby smiles in her sleep then she is smiling to the angels. I really find that magical and wouldn’t mind it being true!

Ma byeswa tchouf 7ala bel mreye!
Euuuuuuuuu ok! No comment…

Ksirila rghif khebez fo2 rasa awwal marra bet fout 3al beit!
This reminds of the breaking of bread in the Bible and is considered a blessing.

7ottila kharze zar2a!
Now, this is totally out of question and contradicts my Christian beliefs. All we need is to pray. End of story!

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