Inside my Maternity Wardrobe

maternity wear

Your maternity wardrobe will be a bit different whether you get pregnant in Winter or Summer.

Having a big belly in Summer means a lot of dresses (that you already have) and flip-flops. But having a big belly in Winter means lots of pants, oversized sweaters, new winter boots for your larger feet, big jackets that can button up, and lots of money to be spent!

I was so lucky that I got pregnant in February so it was the start of Spring and I delivered in November which was the start of the Winter cold. Here are some of the essentials that I needed in my wardrobe:

Summer Casual Wear:

I wore what I already had! I am a dress freak during Summer, and most of my dresses are flowy without any tight zipper on the belly. So, I bought more of those dresses, most of which I am still wearing even after delivery. No money wasted on short-term use!

Now regarding my shoes, I really felt at my best in sandals and flip-flops. So I got myself more of those as I couldn’t wear any high heels.


During the first trimester, I wore one-piece swimsuits that I already have, and then I moved to wear the 2-pieces swimsuits in my 2nd trimester. My boobs were getting bigger so I was limited to only two swimsuits I already had. During my 3rd trimester, I am sure that I would have needed some maternity swimwear as nothing would fit, but gladly the weather was starting to get cold and the beach season was already over.


Say goodbye to all those tight leggings! If you have soft ones with loose elastics, they might serve you well during the first trimester. But later on, you would need high-waist pregnancy leggings, or as in the pictures I shared, you can drop your legging to below the belly.

Evening Dress:

During Summer 2020 we were in lockdown so we didn’t have a lot of parties and events to attend to. Still, we had two weddings of close friends that we needed to dress up for.

Evening gowns are the hardest thing to find when you are pregnant! It is already hard enough when you are not! So imagine the hassle of finding something trendy for a pregnant woman!

My first outfit was a super stretch dress I already had! The zipper was a bit tight but I managed to widen it a bit on the back at the tailor.

The second outfit was originally a mid-waist tight dress I found at a local store. So I bought the large size and took it to the tailor to change it into a high-waist dress that tightens above my bump.

That can be a practical way to wear any dress you like:

  1. Get a bigger size
  2. Modify the waist

Winter Clothes:

You can always start by getting some maternity sockings to wear those Winter stretch dresses and skirts in your closet. But you cannot miss having at least a pair of maternity jeans and a pair of black maternity pants. You will also need light long sleeve cotton or wool sweatshirts that you can find anywhere. Winter jackets can be found at maternity shops as there is not really an alternative for that. And of course, you will need a pair of boots in a bigger size to be as comfortable as possible.

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