How to develop your baby’s communication skills during the first year

During the first year, it is necessary to take corrective measures to help your baby with their development. Some say it comes naturally, well it actually does, but still, to avoid any misconduct it is very important to know the facts and what are the dos and don’ts that we should base upon our communicationContinue reading “How to develop your baby’s communication skills during the first year”

Inside my Maternity Wardrobe

Your maternity wardrobe will be a bit different whether you get pregnant in Winter or Summer. Having a big belly in Summer means a lot of dresses (that you already have) and flip-flops. But having a big belly in Winter means lots of pants, oversized sweaters, new winter boots for your larger feet, big jacketsContinue reading “Inside my Maternity Wardrobe”

Must Haves during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is hard for the body and the mind and we really need to take care of ourselves when pregnant to prevent permanent damage to our body. These are the products I used and found super useful and essential: Face-Cleaning Products Giving yourself a facial massage, a mask while keeping your face clean and hydratedContinue reading “Must Haves during Pregnancy”

7 Things I Wish I didn’t Hear during Pregnancy

During my pregnancy I was very happy and excited to go through that journey, but it seemed that not everybody around me was excited as I was or more like didn’t lift me up during this phase. Here are some of the worst things I heard: Oh! You are pregnant! 7ada bi jib el hammContinue reading “7 Things I Wish I didn’t Hear during Pregnancy”