A little ray of sunshine that brightens your life

So if you are here, I am sure you are a mama or a dada! I am sharing below my experience in many topics related to the first years or a kids life… hope you enjoy and relate!

Swaddling Baby Ayla

That is the time when my mom got back at me!I got her angry during the first month after labor with all the baby dos and don’ts that I listed and all the changes to the baby routines she is familiar to; some of which are:- Covering the baby with a blanket- Giving the baby…

How to develop your baby’s communication skills during the first year

During the first year, it is necessary to take corrective measures to help your baby with their development. Some say it comes naturally, well it actually does, but still, to avoid any misconduct it is very important to know the facts and what are the dos and don’ts that we should base upon our communication…

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