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Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing!

So here I am trying to make it easier for you! Sharing with you my experience and waiting to hear yours too.

Postpartum Superstitions

I heard a lot of stuff after I got pregnant! I don’t believe any of those superstitions; still I enjoyed them a bit. So here are a few, let me know what you think is real & do you believe in any others?! 3a rasa sabe!It seems that if the hair goes in a circle…

Babywearing Workout

After delivery it was really hard to workout, Ayla needed all the attention and I couldn’t manage to have any free time to burn calories. So I got the Ergo Baby carrier from Cookie Dough Boutique and I made 4 workout videos. You should know that this carrier is very safe for the baby’s joints…

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